Anal Sex

Anal sex in most cases involves men having sex with men but as a man you can have anal sex with your woman. Anal sex therefore involves inserting your penis in your partner’s anus with the purpose of giving her pleasure and orgasm. This is delicate type of sex which is not engaged in by most couples but is gaining popularity as many people seek to engage in it.

The first step is cleanliness and both partners need to observe high standards of cleanliness of the anus. The sex toys to be used should also be cleaned before as well as after sex. This minimizes the infections and transfer of bacteria from one partner to the other.

Before penetration, you should prepare your partner well and use lots of lubrication since the anal lining is quite delicate. This will avoid pain during intercourse and increase pleasure. When your partner is ready for sex, there are various sex positions that you can choose to use. For the beginners, the missionary style with the woman lying on her back is the best position to start with. This is so because this position tends to open up the anal passage as well as making your partner more comfortable.

You should be very gentle and passionate as you start inserting your penis. This will make your partner more relaxed and hence reducing the amount of pain that may be anticipated. Communication should be encouraged as this will help you understand whether your partner is enjoying or not.

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