Sexual, foreplay is a vital process of a satisfying lovemaking experience. Sadly, most men do not know how foreplay is done. Many men do not pay attention to foreplay because for them sex is all about sexual intercourse. But for women, sexual intercourse is part of sex. Quickie sex is somehow great, but foreplay leads to more satisfying sex and stronger orgasm. If any women can advise you about foreplay, it is to go slow down there.

To get started, you need to begin with non-physical acts that include comments and compliments. Women need to feel loved before having sex. Affection may be anything from sending her a loving text message during the day to taking her to a dimly candle-lit room with romantic songs playing underground. After the understated acts of sexual, foreplay you can now move to physical acts such as holding hands, caressing and kissing. In order to make the most out of sexual, foreplay you can introduce objects such as ice, toys, feathers or anything you fancy. French kissing for some minutes will lead to removing of clothing. You need to it slow, even the act of removing clothing should be sexy and sensual. After getting undressed, oral sex is the next stage. This will lead to the climax of sexual, foreplay which is the best moment to proceed to actual intercourse. At this time you and your partner are fully aroused and you all desire penetration

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