What is the deal with gym girls these days?

They have taken social media (specifically Instagram) by storm with pictures of their luscious, attractive bodies. Gym girls like Jen Selter are all the rave, and we’re not mad about it! Short snippets busty gym girlof these gym girls in their natural habitat doing squats and other exercises are awesome. Why can’t gym girls at our local gyms look like that?

What’s crazy too is how much money gym girls make by posting a hot picture on Instagram. Rumor has it Jen Selter makes fifty thousand dollars per post! She posts at least two or three pictures per week so she must be rolling around in tubs of cash. Now that is a lifestyle worth living: making bank by working out and wearing tights everywhere you go…

Isn’t it sad how rich guys hire escorts to accompany them on trips just so other people think they have smoking hot girlfriends? I have heard first hand from an escort that she got paid five thousand dollars to walk around and have expensive dinners with a rich guy for a day. She didn’t even have to have sex with the guy! Hearing about all of these money making opportunities available to girls makes me wish I was one.

All gym girls have to do is go to the gym and maintain a healthy image. All escorts have to do is dress up and follow a rich guy to restaurants where he treats them to expensive, five-star dinners. Now don’t mistake these lucrative careers for easy ones. These fit girls have to put in a lot of work to get where they

are. Gym girls and escorts both have to spend endless hours at the gym to maintain a hot body. Also, the initial push these ladies have to give to market themselves isn’t so easy. There are so many girls the barriers to entry are getting ridiculously high!

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